How to sync your progress and bookmarks across multiple devices

Syncing OverDrive Read and Listen titles

OverDrive Read eBooks and OverDrive Listen audiobooks are synced through your library account. This means that you’ll see your current reading or listening progress, bookmarks, highlights, and notes whenever you open those titles in your browser on any device with an active internet connection.

With OverDrive Read and Listen, only your progress in your browser will sync. If you read or listen in your browser, then download the title to the OverDrive app or Adobe Digital Editions, your progress will not sync with those other programs.

Syncing titles through the OverDrive app

With newer versions of the OverDrive app (see system requirements here), you can sync your progress and bookmarks for downloaded eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming videos across multiple devices, as long as:

  1. You’ve signed into the app using the same account (OverDrive account, Facebook, or library card) on each device. Learn about which sign-in option is best for you here.
  2. You’ve downloaded (“added”) the title(s) to the OverDrive app (from your library’s collection) on each device.
    Note: You’ll only be able to add streaming video to the OverDrive app on Android and iOS devices.
  3. You have an active internet connection.

As long as you meet all three requirements, your progress and bookmarks will automatically sync when you open or close a title in the OverDrive app. That way, if you read something on your phone during the day, you can pick up right where you left off on your tablet later.

When you open a title on another device, follow the prompts in the OverDrive app to move forward (or backward) to your last synced place.

If you read or listen to a downloaded title in the OverDrive app, then open that title using OverDrive Read or Listen or Adobe Digital Editions, your progress will not sync.

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